Given the current economic environment, developing a compensation policy taking into account relevant developments and market constraints is a major issue.


  • You want to know if your plant is competitive salary-wise respect to your competitors or within your geographical area?
  • Know what other levers activate when budgets are low? Which type of incentives you could offer?


 Our manufacturing 2021 salary survey edition (based on wage data from the year 2020) will allow you to answer these questions:


  • More than 105,000 blue-collar workers in 450 plants are analyzed representing 40 different positions.
  • The results are analyzed both at the regional level (more than 10 geographical areas for France, for exemple).
  • Our database includes both local and large multinational companies.


C&B ALTERNATIVE also offers solutions on the following topics:


  • Compensation survey for white-collar workers in manufacturing environment
  • Compensation survey for salespeople within the food and beverage industry
  • Equal pay Male / Female
  • Pay Equity within the plant
  • Pay equity between plants