C&B Alternative is a member of the Arthur Hunt Group

Founded in 1991, Arthur Hunt has expanded over years to become a European Human Resources Consulting Group. At present its main fields of expertise include 5 key areas:

  • Executive Search and Assessment
  • Training and Coaching
  • Organization and Human Resources Consulting
  • Transition Management
  • Finance Consulting

These interlinking elements of expertise allow Arthur Hunt to offer its Clients a fully comprehensive support in the area of human resources, organization and finance management.




Arthur Hunt S.A.                  (Executive Search)
Arthur Hunt Development      (Assessment & Training)
Arthur Hunt Consulting         (HR Consulting)
Hunt Management               (Transition Management)
MG Fi                                 (Finance Management)


Arthur Hunt Group employs over 100 associates covering all aspects of our activity. Close to 80 of our specialists focus on Executive Search only.

We can provide you with our services through an integrated network represented by our Head Office in France and the regional subsidiaries based in other countries of the CEE.




Austria:                                Arthur Hunt GmbH
Czech R.:                            Arthur Hunt s.r.o.
Hungary:                             Arthur Hunt Kft.
Poland:                               Arthur Hunt Sp. z o.o.
Romania:                            Arthur Hunt s.r.l. (Executive Search) &
                                   Arthur Hunt Consulting s.r.l. (Consulting)
Russia:                               Arthur Hunt Cjsc
Slovakia:                            Arthur Hunt s.r.o.


Our firm is also a founding member of Alliance Partnership International (API) - a network of executive search firms covering in addition to our own regional offices also Benelux countries, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, as well as China and Hong-Kong.